Appleton's Acre of Art

Enjoy a walk through downtown Appleton and take in the new Acre of Art exhibit, an outdoor public art exhibit and competition.

The exhibit will feature a dozen sculptures on display throughout the downtown and riverfront districts from 2017-2019, and plans to add another 12 in the 2018-2020 exhibition. Winners will be chosen based on the culture and beauty they add to the community.

This project is hosted by Sculpture Valley (located in Appleton) and the competition will be co-marketed in conjunction with Creative Downtown, Mile of Music and the City of Appleton, with the goal of adding beauty and culture to our already vibrant downtown. They hope that some of the sculptures will become permanent backgrounds to Appleton's scenery.

Pieces will be available for public purchase at the end each 2-year exhibit.

For more information about the exhibit CLICK HERE.

**Photo credit: Josh Dukelow
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