Celebrate National Cheese Day in the Fox Cities

How do you like your cheese? Learn about, pair, indulge in, and enjoy cheese and other dairy treats in the Fox Cities, the heart of America's Dairyland.

The Art of Cheese Pairing
When pairing cheese with wine and beer, you want to complement and highlight flavors of each item. Simon's Specialty Cheese Master Cheesemakers suggest these pairings to get started:

  • The soft and creamy texture of mild cheddar pairs well with Pilsner, Pinot Grigio, Irish whiskey, buttery Chardonnay, or Speyside Scotch.
  • Sharp cheddar's bold, intense flavor can be complemented with India Pale Ale, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bourbon, or Rye whiskey.
  • The soft, smoky notes of smoked provolone pairs well with Amber Ale, Moscato, Chardonnay, and Scotch.
  • Highlight the salty tang of feta by enjoying it with Belgian beers, Sauvignon Blanc, and sherried Scotch.

Give these a try. Experiment with others. Discover what delights your palate.

Simon's Specialty Cheese cheeseboard

How to Cook With Cheese
Move beyond pairing and begin cooking with cheese. Simon's Specialty Cheese suggests trying these Wisconsin cheeses in your next dish:

  • In lasagna, use whole milk mozzarella, salty Parmesan, and (in place of ricotta,) use tangy feta.
  • Add depth of flavor to homemade mac 'n cheese by using muenster, young gouda, and swiss for texture, and then add sharp cheddar, aged Gouda, and Gruyere for an extra punch.

Lamers Dairy/Dairyland's Best mild cheddar

Where to Purchase Cheese in the Fox Cities

  • Simon's Specialty Cheese - Celebrating its 80th anniversary, Simon's has been producing world championship, award-winning cheese for generations. From signature cheeses (cheddar, feta, provolone, and more) to cheese curds and spreads, you'll find a store of Wisconsin cheeses to eat, pair, and cook with at Simon's.
  • Lamers Dairy - Family-owned and -operated since 1913, Lamers Dairy offers mild, medium, and sharp cheddar, colby, pepper jack, swiss, and more types of cheese from select Wisconsin cheese producers. (They also sell their signature glass-bottled milk and soft-serve ice cream for more dairy goodness!)
  • Farm Markets - The Appleton Farm Market, which is one of the largest in the state, has vendors who sell cheese and other dairy products. Stroll College Avenue on Saturday mornings, beginning July 4, 2020, to purchase cheese from local and regional farms.
  • Local stores - Numerous grocers and stores in the area sell Fox Cities cheese products.

Stone Arch Brewpub award-winning cheese curds

Devour "Best-in-Wisconsin" Curds
The Fox Cities are home to Wisconsin's best cheese curds. Stone Arch BrewPub in Appleton was named as having the best cheese curds in Wisconsin by EatStreet in 2019, topping competition from more than three dozen spots across the state.

Fried and battered cheese curds are a favorite on many Fox Cities restaurant menus. Search other local dining options to find a place to dine and devour this well-known local eat.

Frogg's Ice Cream, Sherwood

Go Beyond Cheese
Wisconsin's nickname as America's Dairyland goes beyond cheese. Here are more ways to celebrate Dairy Month (June) and make your time in the Fox Cities legen-dairy:

  • Order a cone or dish. Cool off on a warm summer day with ice cream from local ice cream parlors and drive-ins. From massive cones from Frogg's Ice Cream in Sherwood to a cultural twist at Frio Mexican Treats in Appleton to an old-school drive-in at Dick's Drive-In in Kaukauna, get a scoop (or a few) of a cool, sweet ice cream treat. Check out more Fox Cities ice cream spots here.
  • Show your team (and dairy) pride. The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers made headlines in 2019 when they introduced the "Wisconsin Udder Tuggers," which captured attention and accolades from across the baseball industry and country. Purchase Udder Tugger gear here, and during June, 20% of all Udder Tugger orders will be donated to the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin.
  • Milk a cow. Go straight to the source. Mulberry Lane Farm is a 125-acre working farm that provides an educational, firsthand experience of farm life. Milk a cow, catch a chicken, pet a pig, cuddle a kitten, enjoy a hayride, and take in the Wisconsin countryside at this petting farm.

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