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Haunted Fox Cities

With Halloween night upon us, some may flock to local haunted houses for a good scare.  Others may seek out a more "real" paranormal experience. Below are a few places in the Fox Cities that are rumored to be haunted. 

Hearthstone Historic House – Although it is popular for being the first home in the world powered by a hydroelectric central station using the Edison system, that is not all it's known for. The museum is said to still be occupied by the second owner of the house, A.W. Priest., who owned the home until 1930. Staff, volunteers, and visitors have experienced unusual sounds, such as sneezing when no one sneezed, and the feeling of being watched. 

IMG_1485 (1).jpgStone Arch Brewpub – The oldest brewery in the Fox Cities is a favorite among locals. Apparently it is also a favorite of someone who never left. Bartenders and patrons have witnessed pint glasses moving either from the bar to the floor or from the bar into the dishwasher by themselves. Employees decided to name the individual causing these unexplained acts, Charlie, although paranormal experts believe Charlie may actually be George Walter, the third owner of the building.

175930_300543766721930_1063543925_oAppleton Curling Club – The home to several bonspiels and curling leagues during the winter, Appleton Curling Club is also rumored to be home to a former member or two. Witnesses claim to have heard unexplained footsteps and have seen chairs fall over on their own in the club’s bar area.


Former Bootleggers Bar/Greenville Station – Possibly the most haunted place on this list, Greenville Station has been investigated by several paranormal experts. Some investigators have heard voices and footsteps coming from the floor above. Others have had their hair pulled or legs pinched. One investigator claims to have gotten punched by an unseen force, resulting in a bruise.

riversideRiverview Cemetery - One of the Fox Cities most well-known hauntings, is the story of Kate Blood. Her gravestone, along with her husbands, sit in a separate part of the cemetery. Stories and legends say she murdered her 3 children before killing herself, hence the 3 small gravestones that sit near hers, but records show she only had one child and that she died of disease. She was a mere 26 years old when she died and the reason for their separate grave site remains a mystery.


The Zuelke Building - An iconic building in downtown Appleton, now utilized for businesses and office space, is rumored to be haunted by its' namesake, Irving Zuelke. Most reports come from late-night cleaning crews who say they've seen the half torso of a man, one man said he was tapped on the shoulder while cleaning. Music seems to stir up activity here, as one story states that during an event, a pianist took a break from his playing and all the elevators in the building quit working. As he started to play again, the elevators mysteriously started running.

*Photo credit: Hearthstone Historic House facebook page; Riverview Cemetery via Appleton Post Crescent; Zuelke Building facebook page.

Posted on October 31, 2017 at 12:27

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