Holiday Dining in the Fox Cities

See below for a list of Fox Cities restaurants with open doors this holiday weekend. Bon appetit!

Author's Kitchen & Bar ~ open Christmas Eve 8am to 2pm.  Closed Christmas Day. 

Bazil's Pub ~ open Christmas Eve 11am – 2am.  Christmas Day 6pm-1am.

Calmes Pub ~ open Christmas Eve 11am - 4pm.  Closed Christmas Day.

Camelot Bar & Grill ~ open Christmas Eve 11am – 8pm for fish fry.  Closed Christmas Day.

Cozzy Corner ~ open Christmas Eve 11:30am -7:30pm.  Closed Christmas Day.

Dairyland Brew Pub ~ open Christmas Eve starting at 11am.  Christmas Day opening at 3pm for drinks and buffet.

Fox River Brewing ~ open Christmas Eve 11am – 7pm. Closed Christmas Day.

Fratellos ~ open Christmas Eve 11am – 7pm.   Closed Christmas Day.

Greenville StoneYard ~ open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 11am - 3pm (kitchen) and 11am - 5pm (bar). 

Michiel’s Bar & Grill ~ offering Christmas Day buffet from 10am – 4pm.

Melting Pot ~ open Christmas Eve Noon – 8pm. Closed Christmas Day.

Mr. Brew’s Taphouse ~ open Christmas Eve 11am – 4pm.  Closed Christmas Day.

OB’s Brau Haus ~ open Christmas Eve 4pm – 9pm.  Kitchen closed on Christmas Day; bar opens at 10pm.

Rookies ~ open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 11am - 2am.

Sticky Fingers ~ open Christmas Eve 8am – noon.  Closed Christmas Day.

Taste of Thai ~ open Christmas Eve open.  Closed on Christmas Day.

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