Travel Well: How to Responsibly & Healthfully Enjoy the Fox Cities

As businesses and attractions reopen in the Fox Cities and welcome visitors back, here are some reminders on how to enjoy our community responsibly and healthfully. Enjoy and stay well!

As Fox Cities businesses and attractions begin to reopen following COVID19-related closures, they are committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of customers, visitors, employees, and our region. Businesses are excited to be reopening their doors, storefronts, and venues to serve you - as a loyal customer, a local resident, or visitor.

We’re stronger together, and you can enjoy everything the Fox Cities has to offer while also supporting the health of yourself, others, our businesses, and our community the following ways:

  • Be aware. Many Fox Cities businesses are reopening with additional cleaning protocols, health guidelines, and other practices to help ensure the health of customers, visitors, employees, and our communities. If you have questions about hours, service availability, or business health requirements, contact that individual business before going there.
  • Be respectful. Follow the health guidelines and requirements of each individual business. Guidelines may vary business to business. Each business is operating how they feel most comfortable and able while still best serving you and other customers. If unable or unwilling to follow a business’s guidelines (such as wearing a mask, adhering to physical distancing, etc.,) please support another business in the Fox Cities, where you are able to follow its health guidelines and requirements.
  • Be patient. Service may be a bit slower as businesses get up to speed on navigating additional cleaning protocols, replenishing their inventory, retraining staff, and/or operating at reduced capacity.
  • Be responsible. Your health is your responsibility. Physical distancing and observing other CDC health guidelines are still important. Know the symptoms of COVID19 or other illnesses, and stay home if ill.
  • Be positive. The Fox Cities is a welcoming, friendly, and kind community, and we expect the same of our visitors. We’re elated to be opening our doors, welcoming you back, and having you explore everything the Fox Cities has to offer.

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