National Bobblehead Day with the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

January 7 is National Bobblehead Day and there isn't a better way to celebrate than taking a look at the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers upcoming giveaways.

4/9 Keston Hiura

Leading off is former Timber Rattler and current Milwaukee Brewer, Keston Hiura. This rising MLB star will make a perfect addition to your collection, not to mention it's opening night!

4/26 Yooper Fang

You can almost hear beloved Timber Rattlers Mascot say, "ope, just gonna squeeze right past ya." Yooper Fang pays homage to our friends in the north and it's safe to say Fang looks good in flannel.

5/17 Trent Grisham

The first bobblehead in May is former Timber Rattler and Brewer, Trent Grisham. Missing out on this giveaway would be a huge error.

5/29 Dinosaur Brent Suter

Batting cleanup is one of the more intriguing bobbleheads on the list. Dinosaur Brent Suter is sure to be a Jurassic hit... or is it Cretaceous?

6/11 Udder Tuggers Cow

One of the most anticipated theme nights of 2019 returns in 2020. Nothing pairs better with awesome alternate uniforms than a bobblehead to commemorate this award-winning promotion.

7/2 Lorenzo Cain

The Timber Rattlers will be giving away these bobbleheads to commemorate Lorenzo Cain winning the 2019 Golden Glove Award. Complete with its own Golden Glove this bobblehead is one heck of a catch.

7/19 Ethan Small

On Sunday July 19 current Timber Rattlers' pitcher, Ethan Small, will get the big head treatment at Fox Cities Stadium.

8/2 Aaron Ashby

A member of the Brewers organization, Ashby will be donning the Timber Rattler uniform once more, but this time in bobblehead form.

8/13 Bratoberfest Pina

The Timber Rattlers once again will showcase their love for all things Wisconsin. The Bratoberfest rendition of the Brewers' catcher Manny Pina is sure bring some good luck, while attempting to catch a brat from the Bratzooka.

8/22 Sugar Skull Whiffer

Whiffer may look a little different than you're used to. The mascot will match the colors of the Cascabeles uniforms and have the head of a sugar skull.

8/30 Mystery Night

We will leave this one up to you imagination, but we're sure it won't disappoint.

Looking for tickets to giveaway nights? Visit the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers website for more information.
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