• Location: Lutz Park
  • Appleton
  • Appleton, Wisconsin 54914
  • Contact: Jeff Mazanec
  • Email: jmmazanec@gmail.com

Appleton Locks Paddle

The Fox River lock and dam system is a marvel of 19th century technology. On this paddle from Lutz Park in Appleton to Sunset Park in Kimberly, we will pass through four of the hand-operated locks. These locks are part of a system that has allowed navigation on the Lower Fox, despite a drop in elevation from Lake Winnebago to Green Bay.

Arrive: Starting at 7:30am - Drop off gear and passengers at Lutz Park in Appleton and shuttle vehicles to Sunset Park in Kimberly.

Launch: 9:30am, Lutz Park in Appleton

Lunch: Sunset Park, Kimberly - Easy paddle on the river and ample rest time in the locks.

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