Fox Cities Originals

In the Fox Cities, the spirit of originality, authenticity, and creativity runs deep.

It's found in the passionate people who pour themselves into delivering to distinctive tastes in music, art, food, and drink. It dots our landscape at one-of-a-kind natural wonders and at landmarks with storied histories. It's in the innovators, creators, dreamers, and doers, who, for generations, have curated and shared their originality with others in their craft and work. It's in our people, places, and spaces – the Fox Cities Originals.

Explore, immerse, experience, and discover what the Fox Cities will inspire in you – to find your original while exploring ours – in a region where originality runs deep.

Mile of Music | A Fox Cities Original

Fox Cities Originals is supported, in part, by the Travel Wisconsin Joint-Effort Marketing (JEM) grant. 

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